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City and municipality of Konz

The city of Konz will receive funding of around €1.4 million for cycling infrastructure

The city of Konz will receive funding of around €1.4 million for cycling infrastructure

On Wednesday, Minister Daniela Schmitt, Ministry of Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate visited the city of Konz and presented Mayor Weber with a funding notice of around €1.4 million for the implementation of commuter measures for the city of Konz. Cycling route “Konz-Trier-Schweich” and the cycling concept of the city of Konz.

By implementing the expansion measure, the city of Konz aims to increase the attractiveness, safety and use of its cycle path network. As part of the expansion of the “Konz-Trier-Schweich” commuter cycle route in the area of the city of Konz, it is planned to resurface road surfaces and set up cycle paths.

Photo: Mayor Joachim Weber receives a funding decision of around €1.4 million for cycling infrastructure from Minister Daniela Schmitt

Extensive marking and signage work will also be carried out in various sections. Overall, the expansion is planned over a section of around 4 kilometers.

Mayor Joachim Weber emphasizes: “Thanks to the funding, we will create the conditions for safe and fast cycling, especially for working commuters and everyday drivers, but the citizens of the city of Konz will also benefit from the measures that we will implement in the next two years . And ultimately, a functioning cycling network is also important for tourism in the region.”

The city of Konz developed a cycling concept in 2020. Individual measures such as opening one-way streets to oncoming traffic, marking and signage measures have already been implemented. The funding can now be used to tackle more extensive measures.

The minister and the city leaders spontaneously arranged to go on a bike tour in Konz after the measures were completed.

“The bicycle should become an integral part of sustainable and road-safe mobility offerings. We particularly want to provide our support for municipal cycle paths. A well-developed and traffic-safe cycle path network creates new impulses locally and gives people more freedom of choice in the daily traffic mix,” said Minister Schmitt. “And every euro we invest in cycling is also a euro we invest in our tourism infrastructure.”

On this day, Minister Schmitt was happy to take the opportunity to sign the city of Konz's Golden Book and didn't miss the chance to add a personal thank you for her commitment.