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Senior citizens are now fit for their smartphones!

Senior citizens are now fit for their smartphones!

August 1, 2023

Video telephony, sending photos and mobile phone contracts - the 34 participants in the "Digital Heroes" project have learned a lot about using smartphones over the past few weeks. The Senior Citizens' Representative of the VG Konz, Hermann Hurth, initiated this project together with the Realschule plus. Over twelve afternoons, schoolchildren showed seniors what they can do with their mobile phones and where there may be dangers.

At the first appointment, a clear presentation showed how important secure passwords are. The young people and group leader Andreas Weiler used a practical example to explain how quickly short passwords can be hacked. The seniors then learned directly how passwords can offer more security and the tips were quickly implemented.

At the end of the project this month there was only positive feedback. The participants found the intensive support particularly helpful. In very small groups, the students responded to their individual wishes and questions, and the concrete operation of the smartphones was demonstrated directly on the cell phone.

The seniors also praised the patience of the youngsters. No matter how often a question was asked: the students explained to the participants as often as it was necessary how an e-mail is sent or what the difference between Apple and Android is.

The young people and the representatives of the Realschule plus draw a positive conclusion. That is why headmaster Martin Lautwein has already announced that the project will be continued with a new course in the coming school year.