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LBM: Details on the modernization of the traffic junction Konz

LBM: Details on the modernization of the traffic junction Konz


The State Office for Mobility (LBM) Trier announces that the expansion of the L138 junction, through Konz, Granastrasse/Schillerstrasse, will begin on Monday, July 31, 2023.

The construction project is a joint project of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, the city of Konz and the Konz municipal utilities association with a total investment volume of 600,000 euros.

The existing traffic light system will be completely renewed, for which purpose the entire control technology will be renewed in addition to the corresponding masts and signal heads, leading to a modern, traffic-dependent traffic light circuit. The crossing areas for pedestrians will also be made barrier-free and the existing sidewalks adjacent to them will be renewed. Also included in the construction work is the selective renovation of the street drainage in Schillerstraße, as well as renovation work on the sewer and water pipe network of the Konz municipal utilities.

Furthermore, the damaged, upper asphalt layers of the roadway will be renewed and, after new roadway markings have been applied, the necessary induction loops for signal control will be installed.

The contractor for the civil engineering services is the company L. Elenz GmbH & Co. KG from Konz.

The renewal of the traffic light system is carried out by the company Stührenberg GmbH from Detmold.

Simultaneously with the aforementioned civil engineering work, further fiber optic expansion in Konz will be continued on behalf of Telekom in order to use synergy effects in the course of the construction work. The expansion is partly carried out by the Elenz company and, adjacent to the junction to be renovated structurally, by the M. Ruppert company from Esch.

The construction project is divided into two consecutive construction phases.

In construction phase 1, from Monday 31.07. worked on one side in the area of the northern sidewalk in Granastraße to carry out the aforementioned fiber optic, traffic signal control and paving work. The northern branch of Granastraße (in the direction of the central station) will be completely closed. The traffic connection between Schillerstraße and southern Granastraße (in the direction of Konzerbrück) will continue to be maintained using a temporary traffic light system.

The detour for the closed section of the northern Granastraße takes place via the street "Am Luxemburger Damm" and B51 in the direction of the Saarbrücke traffic circle / L 137 Saarstraße / L 138 Granastraße or analogously in the opposite direction.

In construction phase 2, the junction will be completely closed from around the end of August as a result of further civil engineering work in the roadway area and above all as a result of the narrow roadway width of Schillerstrasse.

During this period, the overriding traffic on the L 138 will be diverted from the direction of Niedermennig via the K135, K6, B268 in the direction of Feyen and the B51 in the direction of Konz and vice versa.

For more information and details on the detour route, please see the Mobility Atlas RLP at .

Residents are asked to coordinate unavoidable deliveries, etc. with the civil engineering companies on site at an early stage.

Road users (in particular through traffic) are asked to take the signposted detour.

The overall execution is expected to last until October 2023.

Those involved in the expansion would like to thank the road users affected for their patience and understanding.