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Hans-Walter Schmitt remains arbitrator for Konz

Hans-Walter Schmitt remains arbitrator for Konz

November 24, 2024

If neighbors no longer talk to each other or just argue, then he can be called in to mediate and arbitrate: Hans-Walter Schmitt has been an arbitrator for the city of Konz for 39 years. And he will remain so for another term.

Photo: Mayor Joachim Weber and “dispute mediator” Hans-Walter Schmitt

Mayor Joachim Weber presented him with his certificate in the Konz town hall - in the name of the director of the Saarburg district court, Dr. Marcel Heinemann.

Hans-Walter Schmitt will therefore remain the contact person for five more years if a dispute in the city of Konz is to be resolved without going to court. If you would like to contact him, you can do so by calling 06501/7104 or by email: schmittvogel(at)