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New "bridge" in Konz to help squirrels across the street

New "bridge" in Konz to help squirrels across the street - rope construction was installed to avoid accidents

Conc, August 19, 2022

Many squirrels live in Konz. However, it sometimes happens that the rodents fall victim to road traffic - especially on Roscheiderstraße. A new "bridge" is intended to protect the animals from collisions with vehicles and prevent evasive accidents.

So that squirrels can cross the street safely, the municipal administration has now had a so-called squirrel bridge installed. This is a thick rope that is stretched between two trees in the "Am Sprung" area to protect it.

Photo: The new squirrel bridge hangs high above the street

The Konzer city council decided on the crossing aid after local residents had approached politicians with the idea. Now the administration hopes that the squirrels will use the bridge diligently.

The city of Trier, for example, has had good experiences with squirrel bridges. There, the crossing aids are very well accepted by the animals.