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Concert on the restored harmonies in the Roscheider Hof open-air museum

Concert on the restored harmonies in the Roscheider Hof open-air museum

... on Sunday, November 6th, 2022 at 4:00 p.m

The harmonium, a transportable organ with pedal bellows and reed pipes, experienced its heyday towards the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century as a home organ, as a replacement for pipe organs in smaller churches, but also as a respected concert instrument. The harmonium was used as a substitute for the organ in the years after the Second World War. Most of the time, however, the harmonium was only used as a makeshift and was replaced by a “real” organ as soon as possible.

In order to bring the time around 1900 to life again musically, the Roscheider Hof open-air museum in Konz had two of these instruments restored and is now pleased to be able to invite all interested parties to the first concert on the newly restored instruments. Music by French and German composers will be heard. A small, rare compressed air harmonium and a suction air harmonium from the Leipzig company Hörügel, which has Swedish roots, are played.

The first part of the concert takes place in the school from Würrich - it is the house on the far left in the Hunsrückweiler. The second part of the program is then in the Clambour pavilion next to the entrance building.

Meeting point for all “unfamiliar with the area”: 3.45 p.m. at the museum entrance

Executors are:

  • dr Josef Edwin Miltschitzky Harmonium, organist at the Ottobeuren Basilica and
  • Susanne Jutz-Miltschitzky, soprano

dr Josef Edwin Miltschitzky studied organ at the Musikhochschule in Munich (with Prof. Klemens Schnorr), Catholic church music and music education. He completed a second degree in musicology, art history and German studies at the Universiteit van Amsterdam in 2012 with a dissertation under Rokus de Groot and Ton Koopman. Miltschitzky is employed as a church musician at the Ottobeuren Basilica and gives regular concerts in Europe. For years he has been considered an expert on historical organs and historical playing techniques from various eras and has discovered his love for harmonies in recent years.

As a soprano, Susanne Jutz-Miltschitzky sings works from the early Baroque to the modern in churches and cathedrals throughout Europe. She specializes in particular in the interpretation of unknown new editions from monastery archives.