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Fiber optic expansion in Konz-Oberemmel is coming

Fiber optic expansion in Konz-Oberemmel is coming

After the required pre-marketing quotas for the nationwide fiber optic expansion of Westconnect (formerly Westenergie Broadband) in the Konzer districts of Krettnach and Kommlingen had already been achieved in September, the building depots are already being set up in the two districts.

Now there is also good news for the district of Oberemmel: fiber optic expansion is coming.

However, construction work in Oberemmel is not expected to begin until next year, which is why the offer of free connection creation when ordering an E.ON high-speed product will be maintained until December 31, 2022.

Up until this date, residents of Oberemmel who have not yet decided can secure the free fiber optic connection right into the building. This can still be done online via the availability check or by arranging a personal consultation appointment by calling 0651 812 2101.

*Photo: Western Network