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Fire brigades in the VG Konz are looking for active members

Fire brigades in the VG Konz are looking for active members

Conc, September 1, 2022

It was a strenuous summer for the fire brigades and rescue workers in the Konz municipality. In the past few weeks, they have been on duty more than usual. For example, between the end of June and the end of August, the fire brigade of the city of Konz responded to wildfires in the associated municipality and the neighborhood around 30 times. "The fire brigades and rescue workers have ensured the safety of all of us," says Mayor Joachim Weber. "I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart!"

Fire brigades from the entire association community were on site for the majority of the operations. The head of the VG Konz, Mario Gaspar, emphasizes the excellent cooperation. "We really did a lot together this summer!" When he thinks about the future, however, the fire chief gets a worry line on his forehead: Because there are signs of a shortage of personnel in both the volunteer fire brigades of the local communities and the city's fire brigade – especially when it comes to day-to-day availability. Even with smaller operations during the day, several fire brigades have to be alerted in order to achieve minimum deployment strengths.

That's why the mayor and military chief emphasize: New active members and young people are always welcome and urgently needed. Volunteering in civil protection and disaster control is more important than ever, because extreme weather events will increase in times of climate change. "This summer has shown once again how important work is," says Mayor Joachim Weber. “But the emergency services don’t do all this professionally. The fire brigades depend on voluntary, reliable helpers who are committed to the long term.”

Of course, nobody is sent into an operation unprepared. For example, there are courses for new members, where the basics of the individual areas of responsibility are learned. In addition, the comrades meet regularly for exercises in which the correct and safe procedure and the handling of material is tested.

The comrades not only meet to practice, but also in their free time for hiking days together, the St. Nicholas and Christmas parties, parties and barbecues or just to talk.

Of course, a fire brigade would be nothing without its young offspring. The youth fire brigades with girls and boys between the ages of 10 and 16 learn the basics of firefighting, rescuing people and medical first aid. The kids can then put what they have learned to the test in competitions against other youth fire brigades. Leisure activities such as the annual camp or summer fun are also part of it. And in Nittel there is even a Bambini fire brigade for children aged 6 and over.

"It's best to contact the local fire services directly. Here in the municipality of Konz there is a wide range of offers from the fire brigades," says the fire chief of the VG Konz, Mario Gaspar.

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