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Order form for firewood

Order form for firewood

The forest districts plan the forthcoming felling of hardwood and take orders "Firewood on the way" opposite.

The logs that occur during the wood harvest (falling from a tree or in fixed lengths) are moved from the stock to the path and offered there in heaps to the firewood customer in the usual quantities.

Softwood is also offered as firewood. It has a good calorific value and can be used very well as an admixture to hardwood. Please speak to your forester about this.

Please order your firewood with the one provided for it firewood order form until October 31, 2022 . (If delivered after this date, it may no longer be possible to allocate firewood.)

In addition to using the order form here is also downloading from the homepage of the Saarburg Forestry Office ( ) possible.

Firewood is a by-product. This means that the trunk wood has to be felled and marketed as a priority. Only then can the allocation of firewood begin. We therefore ask for your understanding that it may take until early summer next year for the firewood to be allocated. Also the desired tree species cannot always be taken into account.

In self-promotion of firewood, submission is one Proof of competence for the use of the chainsaw , eg: MS basis, as well as the use of special fuel (KWF-tested) and Organic saw chain adhesive oil with the Blue Angel is mandatory.

Before burning, the wood must be dried to a water content of less than 20%. We therefore recommend that you chop the wood you have bought as quickly as possible according to length and diameter so that you can stack it covered and airy in a sunny location.

The traditional ones faceless , ie processing of residual crown wood by self-promoters in the stock, does not always meet the requirements of careful forestry.

In order to protect the soil, water, nature and the remaining stock, high requirements must be met during processing. The processing of firewood in the stand is also more dangerous and difficult than processing on the way. Therefore, we basically limit ourselves to providing firewood along the way.

In the Saarburg-Tobiashaus forest district All firewood will be auctioned this year for the highest bid, so an order from the forest of the city of Saarburg, the local communities of Ayl, Kanzem, Tawern, Temmels, Wawern and Wellen is not possible.

The auction dates will be published in the Konzer Rundschau and on the above-mentioned websites.