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Advent in the city library Konz

Advent in the city library Konz

Conc, November 30, 2022

It's Christmas time again in the Konz City Library. This year, however, there are not only more than 200 Christmas books and media to borrow on site. The new streaming offer "filmfriend" will also be available from December 1, 2022 two cinematic advent calendar.

Filmfriend is a streaming service that can be used free of charge with a membership card from the Konz City Library. Of the The online service specially designed for public libraries is constantly being expanded and edited. Simply log in with your library card and password and off you go!

The first advent calendar contains 24 feature films and documentaries from the current filmfriend programme. A new door opens every day and even if they are not thematically Christmas-related, the films still offer good pre-Christmas entertainment.

The second "Advent Calendar", which is primarily aimed at children and families, is much more Christmassy. The entertaining family series "Bautolemy and the Real Santa Claus" offers excitement and fun, magic and fantasy for the young and the young at heart. With every day of December, another short episode of around 15 minutes becomes available - until the grand finale takes place on Christmas Eve.

And if you're still looking for a Christmas present: The city library again has membership vouchers for 20 euros. Give away the voucher for an annual membership, with which you have access to the online library and the new streaming service "filmfriend" in addition to the books and media on site.