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Lots of ideas for the Karthaus monastery

Lots of ideas for the Karthaus monastery - the city of Konz organizes a "future workshop"

Conc, February 25, 2022

The monastery of St. Bruno in Konz-Karthaus is not only to be renovated, but also to be upgraded in use. So far, mainly concerts, exhibitions and political committees and club activities have taken place there. But what else could the monastery offer? Who could use it to fill the spaces with more variety and life? That's what this week's future workshop was all about.

The city of Konz had invited various actors, for example clubs, representatives of the factions of the city council and institutions such as the Konz youth network and the DRK. Ideas were exchanged together on how the monastery could be used in the future. "The aim is to strengthen the monastery as a civic, social and cultural center and thereby achieve added value for the Karthaus district and for all groups," explains Mayor Joachim Weber, who welcomed the participants at the beginning of the future workshop.

The Corona-compliant event was accompanied by the office of Stadtberatung Dr. Sven Fries, who has already created the integrated action plan for the "social city" and other updates. The office is now developing a viable and implementable user and operator concept for the city of Konz. To this end, preparatory talks were held in the run-up to the future workshop and an online survey was carried out.

Through the very creative exchange with the current and potential users of the rooms, it became clear that there is a lot of potential for future use. The desire for an easily accessible, open meeting place and a contact person on site was repeatedly expressed at the future workshop.

In addition, the VHS can imagine holding courses in the monastery. Above all, most groups want well-equipped multifunctional rooms that make club work easier and more attractive.

The suggestions of this evening will now be analyzed and evaluated. The results are then presented to the political committees and discussed there. From this, the usage concept for the future development of the monastery is to be developed.