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Road expansion "old town center" starts

Konz: Road expansion in the "old town center" starts - new sidewalks, lanes, parking areas and lines

Konz, February 28, 2022

The road expansion in the "old town center" in Konz has begun. By the end of May, “Martinstraße” will be given a facelift. The other construction phases will then gradually follow: Heinengartenweg, Borngasse, Olkstraße, Schulstraße and Wiltinger Straße.

Photo (from left to right): Robert Krause (Elenz), Ralf Zorn (Verbandsgemeindewerke) Stefan Wittek (Engineering Office Deges & Bah), Head of Civil Engineering Office Kai Catrein, Mayor Joachim Weber and Jürgen Thelen (Managing Director of Elenz)

The traffic areas in these streets are being reorganized: cars should no longer drive so close to the houses. To this end, the sidewalks will be widened and so-called adaptation areas set up where residents can park. "This will make the parking situation in the "old town center" much clearer," explains Kai Catrein, head of the civil engineering department.

In addition, the lines for gas, water, waste water and telephone will be renewed during the construction work. In addition, fiber optic connections for broadband coverage are being laid by Deutsche Telekom. By the end of 2023, all roads in this area should be renovated.

The costs for upgrading the road with new lighting amount to around 2.3 million euros - the measure is being funded by the state with 350,000 euros. The city bears 40 percent of the remaining costs, 60 percent are financed through the system of recurring contributions. In concrete terms, this means that not only the direct residents have to contribute financially, but all owners of the properties in the "city center" billing unit. Billing will take place in 2023 at the earliest. The exact costs for each individual can only be determined at the end of the billing year.

The redesign of the streets has been planned for several years. "However, we wanted to wait with the implementation, among other things until the new system of recurring contributions was introduced in order to save residents high one-off payments," explains Mayor Weber.