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Nittel: 480 additional gigabit connections in operation

Nittel: 480 additional gigabit connections in operation

The expansion of high-speed Internet through Westenergie Broadband in rural areas is progressing. Now 600 other residents of Nittel have access to super-fast data connections. Westenergie Broadband has equipped the households with so-called "Fiber to the Home (FTTH)" connections, which means: The fiber optic cable runs directly into the house, which enables speeds of up to 1,000 megabits per second. The fiber optic expansion took place throughout the site, including the districts of Köllig and Rehlingen.

Together with Joachim Weber, Mayor of Konz, representatives of the local community, the administration and Westenergie came together at the end of the expansion project to symbolically put the connections into operation. "The broadband expansion in Nittel is a milestone for companies and private households and offers a high increase in attractiveness for the community. A high-performance internet connection is extremely important today,” said Mayor Joachim Weber. Local mayor Peter Leo Hein added: “As local mayor, I am very happy that the internet service in Nittel is now up to date. The corona pandemic and the increase in working from home have shown how crucial a fast data connection is for users.”

Marco Felten, municipal manager at Westenergie's Trier site, added: "With the broadband expansion, we are not just limiting ourselves to the interests of the larger cities and municipalities, but are also looking at area coverage and thus taking account of our responsibility as a partner to the municipalities in this important issue. "

Approximately 60 percent of the households in the expansion area opted for the future technology as part of pre-marketing. The special feature: The households that took part in the pre-marketing and had signed up for an E.ON high-speed telephony/Internet service ( were able to secure the gigabit-capable fiber optic house connection free of charge. Construction work for the extensive infrastructure project in Nittel began in April 2021. As early as August 2021, the first FTTH connections in the Köllig district and then in Nittel and Rehlingen gradually went into operation, so that all customers can now surf with the future technology.

Photo: Symbolically putting the new expansion project for fast internet into operation in the Nittel municipality (from left): Joachim Weber, Martin Ewald, Peter Leo Hein, Jürgen Stoffel, Lotta Mari-Anna Oittinen, Dominik Bosl, Marco Felten (Photo: David Kryszons/West Energy)

Modern technology brings many advantages for consumers. On the one hand, it guarantees the highest possible availability and a consistently stable data transmission rate, even at a greater distance from the distributor. On the other hand, the transmission rates remain constant even with an increasing number of users. Westenergie has made investments of almost three million euros for the expansion. The project was implemented without public funding.

Regarding the internet supply in Nittel: Due to the currently completed self-sufficient construction project, the super-fast internet is now available in the entire locality of Nittel. Before that, around 190 gigabit-capable connections had already been established in parts of the local community as part of the funding program for nationwide broadband expansion in the district of Trier-Saarburg, which is supported with federal and state subsidies. In addition, Westenergie had already economically developed the new development areas in Nittel and Rehlingen as well as some adjacent streets with fiber optic connections to every single house.