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New cycle traffic concept Trier-Saarburg

New cycle traffic concept in the district of Trier-Saarburg - opinions and criticism welcome: public participation until February 20th

Where are cycle paths missing in the district? For example, which route in the Konz association of municipalities needs to be improved? How can cycling be made safer and more attractive - also for the sake of the environment and the climate? These questions are the focus of the Trier-Saarburg cycle traffic concept, which is currently being worked on.

It's not just about the 492 km that already exist in the district. In the medium and long term, an expansion of the cycle network by at least another 150 km is planned. The safety of the paths, frequency of accidents, signage and bicycle parking facilities have already been taken into account. The district and the associated municipalities, some of which are also developing plans for a better cycle path network, have largely completed the inventory analysis.

An important component here: the opinion of the citizens. They know the situation on site best, they know about the dangers and deficits. Therefore, you can now actively participate in the cycle traffic planning of the district until February 20th. The planning office Stadt-Land-plus has created an online questionnaire for this purpose, which can be found at can be reached. The results of the citizen survey are to be presented in the spring.

There is of course a lot more information on the site. In addition to questions, the portal also offers the opportunity to mark dangerous and problem areas on existing paths, to draw in new desired routes and even to try your hand at planning a cycle path in a playful way.