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Kita renovations in 2022

Day care center renovations in 2022 - Structural improvements in day care centers in the Konz municipality

Conc, January 20, 2022

Modern windows, a new roof and better fire protection. These are just a few of the renovation measures that the Konz municipal administration will be carrying out in day-care centers in the new year.

For example, there are plans to modernize the Arche Noah day care center in the city of Konz. This will be done in three construction phases. Windows and external doors, which are showing their age, are expected to be replaced in the spring. In addition, sun protection systems are installed and pinch protection is mounted on the doors so that the children do not accidentally pinch their fingers. The paving will then be renewed in the outdoor area and tripping hazards will be removed.

As in other daycare centers, the measures are carried out during ongoing operations and last several weeks - always with the aim of interfering as little as possible with everyday day-care center work. It is not possible to completely close a facility and house the children elsewhere during the renovation work.

Another refurbishment is pending in Nittel in the St. Martin day-care center. It is also expected to start there in spring 2022. A new roof and the energetic renovation of the rooms in the attic are planned. In addition, the acoustics in many rooms are to be improved. For this purpose, acoustic ceilings are installed in the old building. And there should also be improvements in fire protection and building technology.

The St. Martin day care center in Wiltingen is also about the building technology and the renovation of the interior. There, the sound insulation is improved by wall and ceiling elements. In addition, skylights are installed so that the rooms are brighter with daylight.

"We are also planning improvements in other daycare centers," says Mayor Weber. Smaller or larger measures are implemented in almost every day-care center. "In addition, work is currently still underway in some facilities." Unfortunately, the global supply bottlenecks for building materials mean that individual measures can be delayed. "We are aware that long-term construction work is always a challenge for children and teachers," says Weber. But sustainable raw materials or materials with special dimensions are very difficult to obtain at the moment. These bottlenecks then mess up the schedules of the craft and construction companies because a lot of work has to be coordinated or carried out one after the other.

This was the case, for example, with the largest measure costing around four million euros in the St. Amandus day-care center in Konz-Könen. A clear construction progress can of course also be seen there: The first construction phase should be completed in spring - with new rooms for three kindergarten groups.