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Property tax - return submission possible from July 2022

Property tax: Submission of declarations possible from July 2022 - close relatives may help with the submission of the declaration

The phones are currently running hot in all tax offices, but also in local government and land registry offices. The reason for this is that the tax authorities have already sent one million of the approximately 2.5 million information letters on the property tax reform to property owners.

Paper forms can be issued in exceptional cases from July 2022

The submission of the declaration to determine the property tax value on January 1, 2022 (so-called declaration of determination) can be submitted from July 2022 using the free electronic forms provided for this purpose (e.g. via – here under “Forms & Services) possible.

In principle, there is a legal obligation to submit the declaration of assessment electronically. As an exception, paper forms can be used in so-called hardship cases. The respective tax office decides whether there is a case of hardship. This is e.g. This is the case, for example, if an owner of real estate does not have the technical equipment or the necessary technical knowledge for electronic transmission.

In these cases there are two options:

From the beginning of July 2022, they can be downloaded as PDF files at The published forms for the "Declaration of the determination of the property tax value" must be filled out, printed out and sent in paper form to the responsible tax office.

Alternatively, from July 2022 there will be the possibility of obtaining paper forms from the service centers of the tax offices, stating the relevant reasons.

From July 2022, the service centers of the tax offices can be visited on Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. without prior appointment.

Assistance with the submission of declarations by close relatives

Close relatives or family members may support each other in submitting the declaration of determination, i.e. children, for example, their parents. It is also possible to use your own user account on the tax portal of the tax authorities "MeinElster" ( ) also to transmit declarations of determination for close relatives. However, this expressly does not include good acquaintances, close friends or similar persons.

In addition, tax consultants, real estate and property management are other contacts who may provide support.

Data master sheets are not valid as a declaration of determination

The information letters currently ending up in the mailboxes of the citizens should not be confused with the official tax return forms. The filling-in help (master data sheet) attached to the letter is rather a service of the tax authorities, which contains important property or basic geo data relevant to the declaration, which is included in the declaration for determining the property tax value on January 1, 2022 after verification by the property owner be able. The data sheet itself does not replace the declaration of determination.

Further explanations can be found in the information letter or on the following website to find.