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Funding calls for the submission of LEADER projects in Moselle francs

Funding calls for the submission of LEADER projects in Moselle francs - Funding can be requested until April 1st

The local action group Moselfranken announces:

The motto "People-Region-Europe: On the way to a common region in the border triangle Germany-France-Luxembourg" is the guiding principle of the Local Action Group (LAG) Moselfranken for the current LEADER funding period. Together with the local people, we want to bring our region further forward. To do this, we need your ideas for new projects - and we offer you our funding for this!

In addition to municipalities, clubs, parishes and associations, project sponsors can also be private individuals and companies. The decisive factor for selecting a project idea is how well it advances the region and supports the implementation of our LEADER development strategy.

For new project ideas, the LAG Moselfranken will start three new calls for funding on February 1st:

Funding call "LEADER general"

- Budget: €174,000.00 (of which €90,000.00 EAFRD funds, €63,000.00* state funds and €21,000.00 regional funds)

*The state's funds are subject to budgetary approval and are primarily available for private and cross-border projects. Secondarily, municipal projects can be financed through state funds.

- Further information and forms:

Call for funding for small projects

- Budget: at least €100,000 regional budget*

*The requested funds are subject to budgetary approval, any increase in the amount of funds is subject to approval by the ADD!

- Further information and forms:

Call for funding for volunteer citizen projects

- Budget: 40,000.00 € (of which 30,000 € are state funds* and 10,000 € are regional funds from the local Moselfranken action group)

*The funds requested are subject to budgetary approval and ADD approval

- Further information and forms:

Important key data on the project calls


Start of views: February 1, 2022

End of Views: April 1, 2022

· Submission deadline for project documents: April 1, 2022, 11:59 p.m

· Date of project selection by the LAG: 8 April 2022

Content of the call:
Projects can be submitted for all fields of action of the current LEADER development concept Moselfranken-Miselerland 2014-2020

Field of action “Together preserving the basis of life”

Field of action "Growing together economically"

Field of action “Strengthening social cohesion”

The process of the project selection procedure is in the information on the individual funding calls under to find.

Office for submitting applications and obtaining further information

Local Action Group (LAG) LEADER Moselfranken

Office: c/o Saarburg-Kell municipal administration

Matthias Fass

Irscher Strasse 54, D-54439 Saarburg, room 4

Tel. 06581 81-165, fax 06581 81-320



Please note that only completely and correctly filled out application documents can be included in the project selection!

Regional contacts

Before completing and submitting their project documents, project sponsors are advised to get in touch with one of the following contacts at the LEADER office in Moselle Franconia and seek advice from them:

· Matthias Faß at the Saarburg-Kell municipal administration (Tel. 06581 81-165; email:

Jochen Tinnes at the Konz municipal administration (Tel. 06501 83-103; email:

· Philipp Reckinger at the municipal administration of Trier-Land (Tel. 0651 9798-132; e-mail: