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Volunteer reading mentors wanted

Education is the key to life - reading mentors wanted at elementary schools in Konz

For many years, the Konzer-Doktor-Bürgerstiftung has been supporting schoolchildren very successfully with voluntary reading-learning sponsors under the motto "Education is the key to life". Before Corona, the reading support provided by the volunteer reading mentors was an integral part of school life in the Konz municipality and was greatly appreciated by everyone involved, parents, teachers, children and teachers.

Due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, our reading mentors were not allowed to support children in schools for many months, which is regretted by all sides. In a joint meeting with all the head teachers of the elementary schools and the Don Bosco school, the Konzer-Doktor-Bürgerstiftung was asked to create the conditions so that the work of the reading mentors can be resumed after the summer holidays.

The need for this activity at the elementary schools in the municipality of Konz and at the Don Bosco school is very high, so that more volunteer reading and learning mentors are being sought.

If you too would like to help from the next school year onwards to ensure that young people have better educational opportunities and training prospects, then donate one hour a week of your time and support children and young people in reading for meaning and in reworking the subject matter.

Previous pedagogical knowledge is not required, but joy, patience and empathy in dealing with children. The reading mentors will work closely with the teachers and will be supported in their work.

Anyone interested in supporting the work of the Konzer-Doktor-Bürgerstiftung at one of the primary schools in Konz is asked to contact the foundation office as soon as possible - either by telephone during opening hours on 06501 9227601, or by email or simply use the corresponding registration form on our homepage under the heading "Participate - read-learn sponsorship".