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Volunteers wanted for refugees

Konz: Volunteers wanted for refugees - Caritas, community association and volunteers present projects

Conc, March 28, 2022

Around 150 refugees from the Ukraine have already been registered with the administration in Konz. The first assignments from the reception facility (Afa) in Trier have already been made. "Thanks to many private offers for long-term apartments, these people get a new home in the Konz community," says the first councilor of the VG Konz, Guido Wacht, at a joint press conference with volunteers and the community administration.

However, living space is only a first step for the refugees to feel comfortable here with us. They are therefore cared for at the social welfare office of the association municipality and get answers to their questions.

For example, there are often questions about vaccinations. The refugees often already know that measles vaccination is compulsory in Germany and that the “Sputnik” vaccine, which was used in the Ukraine for vaccination, is not recognized here. Anyone who has been accommodated privately in the VG receives a treatment certificate from the social welfare office immediately after registering, with which the family can go to the doctor. Vaccination against corona is also easily possible in the vaccination center in Trier.

Many children from the Ukraine also attend elementary schools in the community. Others are still taking online lessons from home. It is still difficult to predict exactly what needs will arise in terms of childcare and schools in the coming weeks. The state of Rhineland-Palatinate has made initial plans in this regard. The administration of the associated municipality can make rooms available in its own properties as soon as legal and personnel issues have been clarified.

But the years 2015/2016 have already shown that it doesn't work without volunteering. That's why Caritas and Diakonie are now looking for volunteers again. However, they emphasize: not only for Ukrainian refugees, but for everyone. Thomas Zuche, Caritas volunteer coordinator for refugee aid in VG Konz, explains: "We are very happy about Konzer's willingness to help people from Ukraine. It would be nice if the currently around 180 refugees in the asylum procedure could get similar help”.

For example, Caritas is still looking for support for the new one Meeting point R2 in the community accommodation in Roscheider Straße 2 in Konz. Elke Zimmer visits refugees from different countries (Syria, Afghanistan, etc.) twice a week on a voluntary basis and gives them time and friendliness.

But not only in Meeting point R2 volunteers can help. Viktoria Popova was also present at the interview. The student comes from the Ukraine, moved to Konz three years ago and has been volunteering with Caritas for a long time. She wants to produce video tutorials for her compatriots.

Other projects that have been created in recent years can also help the Ukrainian refugees to feel at home here in the future, for example the "Café Hilreich" in the evangelical community center in Konz-Karthaus, a project of the Diakonie.

Anyone interested in voluntary work in the field of refugee support can contact:

Thomas Zuche, Caritas Konz, Beethoven Gallery,

Horst Steffen, Dean's Office Konz-Saarburg, Martinstraße 22,

Julia Begass, Diakonie, Karthauser Strasse 155,

Photo (from left to right): Julia Begass (Diakonie), Elke Zimmer (volunteer at Caritas), Viktoria Popova (volunteer at Caritas), behind: Thomas Zuche (volunteer coordinator at Caritas), Guido Wacht (first deputy of the VG) and Stefan Fromme (social welfare office)