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Defibrillator in the Konzer Stadium should save lives in an emergency

Defibrillator in the Konzer stadium should save lives in an emergency - the city of Konz supports clubs in purchasing the device

Conc, June 8, 2022

A defibrillator can save lives! There are always medical emergencies during sport or at events in stadiums, most recently, for example, at the DfB Cup final in Berlin a few weeks ago, when a spectator collapsed and had to be resuscitated. But there have also been such medical emergencies in Konz. The incidents show how important it is to have a defibrillator on site in order to be able to react quickly.

In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, the device, known as a "defibrillator" for short, can be used to resuscitate by delivering a controlled shock of electricity. Such a device is now in the Konzer Stadion in the dressing rooms.

Photo: (from left to right) Raimund Esch (TC Konz), Mayor Joachim Weber, Rudi Schaaf (SV Konz) and Hans-Joachim Schalm (TG Konz) with the new defibrillator and associated signs that will be hung up on the site and refer to the location of the device should indicate.

The city of Konz, the gymnastics community, the sports club and the Konz tennis club have joined forces to purchase it and shared the costs. "Of course we hope that the device will never have to be used, but by purchasing it we are prepared for an emergency," says Mayor Joachim Weber.