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VDP Honorary Donor Wine Tasting 2021

VDP Honorary Donor Wine Tasting 2021

Registration now via the website of the Konzer-Doktor-Bürgerstiftung

On November 27th, the 7th VDP honorary donor wine tasting of the Konzer-Doktor-Bürgerstiftung will take place in the atmospheric ambience of the ballroom in the Konz-Karthaus monastery. Donors, donors and supporters can now reserve their tickets via the foundation's website.

This year, Maximilian von Kunow was honored for his outstanding commitment to the foundation's work. The award is embedded in an honorary donor wine tasting with a festive menu.

The Konzer-Doktor-Bürgerstiftung was able to win the well-known Luxembourg star chef and TV presenter Lea Linster as a laudatory speaker.

Another highlight of the evening is the wine auction of six autographed Magnum bottles from selected VDP wineries for the benefit of the foundation. The selected Saar wines are donated by the renowned VDP wineries Piedmont, Schloss Saarstein, Van Volxem, von Hövel, von Othegraven and the Konzer-Doktor-Genussgesellschaft.

In order to ensure that the event can be held with regard to the corona problem in any case and to be able to waive minimum distances and the obligation to wear a mask, only those guests who can provide proof of immunization, i.e. vaccinated or recovered, are admitted.

The evening will be musically accompanied by the Running Wild Jazz Band.

For the enjoyable 4-course menu, prepared by Georg Wallig, sponsors, donors and supporters can buy tickets for themselves and their friends at cost price of 65 euros (including the corresponding Saar wines and water) via the homepage Reservations.

If you only want to take part in the wine auction, you are welcome to take a seat in the back part of the hall with free admission. Here, too, access is only intended for vaccinated or recovered people.

Since the number of participants is limited due to the banquet seating, places are allocated in the order in which they are received.

Reserve now - the net proceeds of the event will benefit the work of the Konzer-Doktor-Bürgerstiftung.