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"Living Center" (formerly "Active City")

In 2010, the city of Konz was included in the federal and state program "Active City Centers". The "Active City Centers" program is aimed at maintaining and strengthening the functionality of inner cities and in particular at strengthening central supply areas that are to be preserved as locations for business and culture as well as places to live, work and live. The program aims to trigger positive effects through joint action by citizens, business and the public sector.

What is planned?

For the city of Konz, a bundle of individual measures is part of the overall measure "Active city center Konz-West" planned to be carried out over a period of approximately 12 years. The office ISU - immission control, urban development, environmental planning -, Bitburg, was commissioned with the preparatory investigations. On May 27, 2011, the first kick-off event to inform the public took place on the market square in Konz.

The preparatory investigations with the creation of the urban development framework plan have now been completed and have concluded that the objective of the overall measure - area improvement/redesign by eliminating the existing urban development deficits - can only be achieved by means of urban redevelopment measures.

In its meeting on March 12, 2013, the city council of Konz decided on the preparatory study with an integrated urban development concept and framework plan. At the same time, the city council has Konz for the area "Active city center Konz-West" a redevelopment statute was adopted and the area formally defined as a redevelopment area in accordance with Section 142 (1) of the Building Code with the delimitation of the same. The sanitation is carried out in the form of the simplified sanitation procedure.

The text version of the preparatory investigation with an integrated urban development concept with urban framework planning and the redevelopment statute together with the delimitation can be viewed under the adjacent link.