"Our village has a future"


Our village has a future

Our village has a future

The competition, which used to be called "Our village should be more beautiful", today reflects current requirements more strongly. The focus has shifted from beautiful flower arrangements and a clean appearance in favor of economic initiatives, future prospects, renewable energies and social issues.

The quality of life and future viability of the places is becoming more important in view of the demographic change.

  • Competition 2017/18

    In 2017, the municipalities of Konz-Filzen/Hamm took part in the main class and Wiltingen in the special class in the competition "Our village has a future" at the district level.

    Wiltingen was able to qualify for the regional decision at district level.

  • Competition 2014/15

    2014 have the district decision Konz Oberemmel 1st place in the special class and water lily 2nd place in the main class with success. Konz-Oberemmel was able to present successful projects as a former focus of investment and measures in village renewal.

    In 2015 the VG Konz was represented by the OG Onsdorf.

  • Competition 2012

    In 2012 the following communities took part:

    upstairs Wawern and OG Wiltingen in the special class, OG Onsdorf , Konz-Tälchen and Konz-Felts in the main class.
    Wiltingen was able to qualify for the regional decision at district level.

    In 2013 the national competition will take place.

  • Competition 2011

    In 2011 have become waves and waves decided to participate.
    The inspection took place on May 18, 2011. The OG Wawern achieved 1st place in the district, the OG Wellen 2nd place. There were also a lot of constructive suggestions for the future of the villages.

  • competition 2008

    In 2008 the District of Filzen / Hamm (3rd place in the district decision) and the district Nittel-Rehlingen (6th place) in the competition.

  • 2006 competition

    In 2006 have Konz Oberemmel as the then freshly recognized IMS community and the Upper floor Wiltingen took part. Wiltingen was able to achieve 2nd place in the special class in the district competition.

  • 2005 competition

    In 2005 took part Oberbillig, Wiltingen and Konz-Tälchen (Niedermennig, Obermennig, Krettnach) took part in the inspection.

  • 2004 competition

    At the national competition in 2004 cancer win the bronze medal. This shows what continuous work can achieve.

  • Competition 2003 (Our Village)

    In 2003 took part Kanzem, Wawern, Wiltingen, Temmels and Konz-Filzen/Hamm participate in the competition.

    Kanzem is first in the special class.

  • Competition 2002 (Our Village)

    Onsdorf takes in the main class, Temmels and Oberbillig in the special class.