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Private village renewal measures

Private Village Renewal

Promotion of private village renewal measures

The preservation, but also the conversion and expansion of this valuable structure and other buildings that determine the townscape, is supported by public grants within the framework of village renewal.

For all local communities and districts with a village renewal concept, the prerequisites for the diverse possibilities of promoting private measures are also given. These include, among other things:

  • Expansion, conversion or extension of older local and landscape-defining or
    public buildings with courtyards and green areas,
  • Creation of new living space in the town centers by converting vacant buildings or closing vacant lots,
  • Preservation and design of buildings of existing or former agricultural and forestry businesses with local and
    Character that defines the landscape, including courtyards and green areas,
  • Structural measures within the local situation for the preservation and
    Establishment of workplaces close to home.

A subsidy for the aforementioned measures is up to 35% of the eligible costs, whereby the maximum subsidy amount is not €30,000 may exceed.

For measures to create environmentally friendly tourism, investment projects to secure and expand a needs-based basic local supply of goods and services or structural measures within the locality to maintain and create new jobs close to homes, a grant can be increased to up to €40,903.00.

The funding is independent of income and depends on the investment costs. Own work, building materials and entrepreneurial services are subsidized.

It is important that the construction work may only be started after the application for funding has been approved after the eligibility for funding has been determined and consultation has taken place.

As part of the private village renewal funding by the state, around 20 objects in the Konz municipality are funded and redesigned or renovated in a way that suits the village. In addition, a large number of consultations are carried out, but these do not lead to the use of subsidies.

The application is submitted to the district administration of Trier-Saarburg, Village Renewal Office (contact person Ms. Hilsamer-Dietzen), in 54290 Trier, Willy-Brandt-Platz 1, Tel.: 0651/7150.

Creation of a development plan for the historic town center of Wiltingen

The local community of Wiltingen has decided to draw up a development plan for the previously unplanned interior areas in order to secure the previous regional building structures and preserve them for the future.

In a first step, it was determined which buildings could receive grants from the village renewal of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The map is available for download.

In further work steps, planning specifications will be drawn up that will continue to shape the village area.

This means that the town center can remain attractive for the residents and for tourism.