Konzer Doctor Civic Foundation

- Konz builds bridges between the generations -

Preamble from the Articles of Association of November 5th, 2008

The Konzer - Doktor - Bürgerstiftung Konz is an expression of the private commitment of citizens and companies who want to promote coexistence in their neighborhood, the city and the Konz community association. With the community foundation, the citizens of the Konz region are encouraged to take on more responsibility for shaping their community. It is about strengthening the individual initiative and the community spirit of the citizens. With the projects it supports and encourages, it aims in particular to promote training and education as well as social skills, especially young fellow citizens, to overcome the loneliness and isolation of individuals, to further develop mutual respect and the recognition of being different, to stimulate creativity, to support artistic achievements, to understand and accept the liberal rule of law and awareness of the political responsibility of citizens.

The citizens of Konz owe the nickname "Konzer Doctors" to the former pastor and school inspector Georg Josef Ignaz Canaris (1740-1819). From 1775 he made sure that the youth of Konz received a basic education. Committed to this tradition, the community foundation aims to make a lasting contribution to comprehensive education in the community.

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Konzer Doctor Civic Foundation

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