Active in old age


Active in old age


Society is getting older, the extended family no longer exists. The group of 60 to 75 year olds will grow particularly strongly in the coming decades. In this age group, many older people are already volunteering for the community and actively shaping their living environment. But there are still many who are looking for new tasks and want to be active - for themselves and for others!

For this reason, the model program "Active in old age" was developed by the federal government. The city of Konz is one of the 50 municipalities in Germany that were selected by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth to take part in the model program based on their application. The start in Konz was on November 26th, 2008.

The application of the city of Konz had to the Federal Ministry u. a. It was taken into account because the existing age structure in Konz reflects the nationwide demographic development: 6,905 (37%) of the residents are over 50 years old. In addition, there is a high proportion of foreign citizens aged between 51 and 100 compared to the rest of Germany, at 581 inhabitants.

Here you will find further information about currently planned events as well as reports about the events of the group "Active in old age - the group on tour" that have taken place so far.

Planned events


"Active in old age" on tour


project goals

All citizens are encouraged to actively participate in this forum. The aim is to create a living environment in Konz that meets the needs of the elderly more and anchors the concept of "active aging" more firmly in Konz. For the city of Konz and thus for the citizens, this forum offers the opportunity to initiate a future-oriented senior citizen policy and to actively participate in it.

The specific objective:

  • Pooling and passing on the knowledge, skills and experience of the participants
  • Development of initiatives for all actors with civic engagement in the community
  • Development of a special educational and leisure program for the 50+ generation
  • Expanding the opportunities for older people to help shape and make decisions in communities
  • Promotion of social participation in the phase of life between work and old age
  • Personality development in the sense of “aging well”
  • Improving the image of aging in our society


The project "Active in old age" will also be continued in the future by the existing action groups. They receive support from the city of Konz and the cooperation partners. The administration has summarized the status of the project in a report that can be downloaded from the download area of this page.