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Adult & Continuing Education

Institutions and providers of adult education/continuing education include the adult education centers and adult education centers, trade union and church institutions, training centers of the chambers (e.g. chambers of industry and commerce, chamber of crafts), private educational institutions, educational institutions in companies and also at universities (scientific further education). Other ideologically bound as well as independent, non-commercial institutions work in different regions.

The general higher education entrance qualification (the Abitur) can be acquired at an evening school, via distance learning or - in day form - also at a college.

In addition to individual university institutes and smaller research facilities, the German institute for adult education scientifically with adult and further education. Individual universities have also recently become involved in the field of further education with citizen universities and senior citizens' academies.

Institutions of adult and further education:

  • Adult education centers in the Konz municipality

    An institution of the district adult education center in Trier-Saarburg

    For registration and questions please contact:

    Office of the VHS Konz
    Konstantinstr. 50
    54329 conc

    Tel: 06501-604323 / Ms. Spang (Head)
    Tel: 06501-604321 / Ms. Otte
    Fax.: 06501 - 604 324

    Further information - such as opening times - can be found on the

    The current program of the VHS Konz you'll find here:


    The Catholic Workers' Movement (KAB) Trier offers events for different target groups and with different durations in its educational program. You are cordially invited to all meetings.

    Educational work of the KAB
    Diocesan Association Trier e. V
    Weberbach 71
    54290 Trier

    Telephone: 0651 97085-14
    Fax: 0651 97085-10

    For more information, visit the


    The KEB in the Diocese of Trier sees itself as a carrier with a specific worldview in a plural structured public further education area.
    For us, the primary point of reference for all adult education work is the participants. A program should be offered to them that does justice to their interests, expectations and problems. At the same time, it is based on the idea of education as represented by the responsible body - the KEB.

    Department Trier
    Kochstrasse 2
    54290 Trier

    Tel. 06 51 - 97 94 18-0
    Fax 06 51 - 97 94 18-9

    For more information, see the


    " Click for overview " - in the further education portal Rhineland-Palatinate you will find offers for professional and general further education in Rhineland-Palatinate as well as information on financing options, degrees and much more

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