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intercultural network

The abbreviation says it all: "IN Konz" stands for "Intercultural Network Konz" and offers a platform for people who want to work towards good cooperation between locals and immigrants in Konz. The "groups of all countries" should understand each other better - that is one of the goals of the intercultural network.

Interested parties will find 49 useful addresses in a list that will make orientation easier for migrants in the community association. Employees of IN Konz have put together the relevant contact details from the volunteer coordination of Caritas, which arranges local companions for refugees, to providers of German courses and the responsible offices in the town hall, to the religious communities, school social workers and counseling services from Caritas and Diakonie .

Contact - Intercultural Network

Intercultural Network IN Conc
Network spokesman Dominik Schnith
junetko eV - coordination and specialist office of the partnership for democracy in the VG Konz

Olkstrasse 45; 54329 conc
Telephone: +49 6501 94 05 0