Municipality of Wiltingen

Verbandsgemeinde Konz



Wiltingen is the center of Riesling cultivation on the lower Saar with world-famous vineyards such as the Scharzhofberg. Mentioned for the first time in 1030, the settlement goes back to Roman times. Nevertheless, the place name Wiltinga points to an older Franconian settlement. In the Middle Ages and early modern times, the town formed its own dominion together with the neighboring town of Kanzem, which - as an island in the Electoral State of Trier - was part of the Duchy of Luxembourg.

A number of monasteries also owned property and large farms. Two outlying farms, Rauhof and Scharzhof, still bear witness to the wealth of the former rulers, who had their own place of execution on the Galgenberg vantage point.

The picturesque backwater of the Saar, also known as the Wiltinger Saarbogen, is now designated as a nature reserve. Characteristic of Wiltingen is the neo-Gothic church, popularly known as "Saardom", which rises on the foundations of a Roman villa complex.

Sights - e.g.

  • Wiltinger Saar arc

    The Wiltinger Saar arc between Schoden and Hamm is permanently designated as a nature reserve. Due to its uniqueness on the lower Saar and because of its ecologically valuable function, the largely natural section of the river is of particular national importance, especially for the biotope and species protection. The Saar bend offers an irreplaceable habitat for endangered fish, bird and dragonfly species as well as aquatic plants. The Galgenberg in Wiltingen offers the most beautiful view of the Saar arc.

  • Parish Church of St. Martin

    the Parish Church of St. Martin is the main church of the parish of St. Martin in Wiltingen, it was built from 1909 to 1910. It is one of the largest church buildings on the Saar, especially in relation to the population of the place. The church is surrounded by vineyards in the Saar valley in the middle of the historic town center. parish church St. Martin

Heraldry (Heraldry)

"Under a golden shield head, in it a green vine tendril with grapes, in black a silver, gold-crowned, double-tailed lion."

The silver lion is the coat of arms of the Barons of Warsberg, who were enfeoffed with the rule of Wiltingen from 1547 until the fall of the old empire. The vine tendrils with grapes in the sign head indicate the importance of Wiltingen as the largest wine town in the Saar.

Public facilities

Elementary school St. Martin

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Kindergarten St. Martin

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Wiltingen town hall

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