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Oberbillig, Onsdorf, Tawern, Temmels, Wasserliesch and Wiltingen sign cooperation agreement with Westconnect

Oberbillig, Onsdorf, Tawern, Temmels, Wasserliesch and Wiltingen sign cooperation agreement with Westconnect

February 27, 2024

Good news for the citizens of Oberbillig, Onsdorf, Tawern, Temmels, Wasserliesch and Wiltingen: The six local communities and Westconnect GmbH signed a cooperation agreement last week that provides for connecting the communities to the fiber optic network. In total there are around 4,560 residential and business addresses in the towns.

It was agreed that construction work on broadband expansion would begin quickly after a marketing phase. Representatives of the local communities, the Konz municipality as well as Westconnect and its partner companies Westenergie and Westnetz came together to sign the contract.

Photo: The six local mayors from the Konz municipality with representatives of the VG administration, Westconnect, Westenergie and Westnetz at the contract signing.

The mayors of the six local communities were pleased about the cooperation to expand the fiber optic network: “We want to make Oberbillig, Onsdorf, Tawern including Fellerich, Temmels, Wasserliesch and Wiltingen further future-proof. Advancing fiber optic expansion is an important location factor that makes our places even more livable and attractive.”

Christian Nathem, municipal manager at Westconnect partner Westenergie explained: “The fiber optic house connections are so powerful that working and learning at home, video conferences, smart home, IP TV, online gaming, surfing and streaming are possible at the same time - stable, reliable and fast. We are therefore pleased to be able to support the six local communities in the Konz municipality in expanding high-speed internet as part of this future project.”

The marketing of the free fiber optic home connections will begin soon and will take place in a different location every three months. Marketing will start in Tawern this summer, then it will be Wasserliesch’s turn at the end of 2024. Over the course of 2025, the following will follow in this order: Wiltingen, Oberbillig and, probably in the summer of 2025, Temmels and Onsdorf.

As part of the marketing phase, citizens can secure a fiber optic connection to their home free of charge. Westconnect will provide numerous on-site information about this offer. Marketing takes place via the “Eon” brand. Information about products and services is available online at or via the free telephone number 0800-9900066.

In five of the six local communities that signed the new cooperation agreement, the company “Deutsche Glasfaser” had already carried out marketing in 2022. However, the expansion and connection of the households has not yet been carried out. On the occasion of the signing of the contract with Westconnect last week, the Konz municipality informed the company “Deutsche Glasfaser” about the new developments. The internet provider has already responded and said:

“German fiber optics is withdrawing from the fiber optic project in Oberbillig, Tawern, Temmels, Wasserliesch and Wiltingen because a competitor has announced the expansion of a fiber optic network. This means that the framework conditions for an expansion by German fiber optics have fundamentally changed. We fundamentally want to avoid a double network expansion, as it makes neither business nor economic sense. In addition, a double expansion leads to unnecessary additional burdens on residents. As soon as the projects have been stopped in our systems, customers will receive relevant information by post as soon as possible.”