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New service and trade association for the VG Konz

New service and trade association for the VG Konz

06 June 2024

The diverse companies in the Konz district want to work with the municipality to strengthen and actively promote their business location. To do this, they are pooling their expertise in a new service and trade association. The aim is to master the challenges of the future together - including through campaigns, advertising measures and the development of a network.

At the invitation of Mayor Joachim Weber, the team preparing to found the association met for the second time in the premises of Volvo Construction Equipment. Among other things, the team drew up a draft of the statutes. The founding of the association is now entering the next phase. "We are preparing a founding meeting for the autumn, to which all interested companies will be invited," says Mayor Weber. "We will not only lay the foundation for a new association, but for a network from which all companies in the municipality can benefit."

The planned founding of a new association was preceded by the dissolution of the previous retail association "Konz Stadtmarketing". After a round of discussions at the "Business Reception" last autumn, it became clear that a desired successor association should have a broader base. Therefore, the city and the association municipality, committed companies and institutions from Konz and members of the former city marketing pushed for the founding of the new association - not just for the city, but for the entire VG Konz. The association should be more open than before to all types of companies: retail, services, health, crafts, industry, gastronomy, winemaking and tourism.

"We have so many innovative companies with ideas and so much know-how in the Konz municipality. Let us all pull together and jointly promote the Konz municipality as a shopping, business, holiday and service location, make it attractive and make it fit for the future. I am firmly convinced that we can overcome challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers, the energy transition and digitalization much better by joining forces than each of us alone," said Mayor Weber.

Anyone interested and anyone who wants to get involved is welcome to get in touch to become part of the new “Konzer Gewerbe- und Dienstleistungsverein e.V.” Contact: Thomas Biewers, Konz Economic Development Agency; Email: wirtschaftsfö