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City and municipality of Konz

Modernization: Full closure of the Granastrasse/Schillerstrasse junction in Konz

Full closure of the Granastrasse/Schillerstrasse junction as part of the modernization

Conc, August 18, 2023

The work to modernize the Granastrasse/Schillerstrasse junction in Konz is on schedule. After the intersection with construction traffic lights was still partially passable in the past few weeks, the next construction phase will begin on Monday. The junction must be completely closed to road traffic. The shops and residential buildings are within walking distance but can still be reached.

Work on the crossing is expected to be completed in October. During the measure, the traffic lights and sidewalks will be renewed, sewers renovated and fiber optic lines laid.

The diversion runs extensively via the B51. Local bypasses are possible, for example, via Saarstraße and Bahnhofsstraße, via the Karthaus bridge and via the B51/Möbel Martin Kreisel connecting clasp.

Note: If you want to turn from Schillerstraße into Bahnhofstraße, you can still do so. Coming from the direction of the Rewe roundabout, only the turning TRACK , so that cars keep to the right when turning left. So the radius for turning into Bahnhofstrasse is larger.