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City and municipality of Konz

Fiber optic expansion in Konz continues

Fiber optic expansion in Konz continues

Fiber optics will start expanding in Konz in 2023. In the course of this, around 2,600 households and company locations will be provided with home connections.

The new network transmits data stably and reliably at gigabit speeds and allows download speeds of 1 Gbit/s. All known applications can be used with it without any problems. Since the bandwidth on a fiber optic cable is almost unlimited, even higher speeds will be possible in the future.

glasfibreplus is a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom and IFM Investors, an Australian fund manager owned by pension funds that invests pension funds in infrastructure companies globally. The advantage:Glass fiber plus does not make its expansion projects dependent on pre-marketing quotas. This means that the expansion will be carried out in any case, regardless of the number of previously registered fiber optic connections.

Glass fiber plus has high standards when it comes to quality when it comes to expansion and can partially use existing Telekom infrastructure when laying fiber optic cables. This gives them the opportunity to realize the construction projects in a shorter time and with less burden on the local citizens.

“Surfing at the speed of light, streaming stable or communicating via video is no longer a luxury, but is the basis of everyday life for more and more people. With the expansion of the fiber optic network, we are therefore consistently pushing ahead with the spread of a supply structure that also allows rural areas to participate in digitization," says Jens Berwig, Chief Commercial Officer at GlasfibrePlus.

Fiber optic plus: a network of diversity

Fiberglass Plus makes its network available to all telecommunications providers. Citizens are free to choose which company they want to book internet, telephone or television with. Glass fiber plus will build four million gigabit-capable fiber optic connections by 2028, primarily in rural areas. For the expansion in Konz, Telekom already announced that they want to use the fiber optic network.

Free connection of the property during the expansion phase

Fiber optic plus connects a property free of charge during the expansion phase if customers conclude a fiber optic tariff with a telecommunications provider. In this case,Glass Fiber Plus only needs permission to set up the connection because the work is being done on private property. The assignment works as follows: Customers book a fiber optic tariff with a telecommunications provider. He, in turn, contacts the fiber optics plus and takes care of the approval and the details. When booking after the expansion phase, costs for the house connection are usually charged, with Telekom, for example, these are a one-time fee of EUR 799.95.

About the fiber optics plus

The fiberglass plus GmbH ( ) is a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom and the IFM Global Infrastructure Fund, which intends to build around four million fiber optic connections in rural areas and small and medium-sized towns in Germany by 2028. In addition, the company participates in state subsidy tenders.

The fiber optic network is being expanded in these streets: