Lavender fields in the VG Konz

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Project: Lavender fields in the VG Konz

Project: Lavender fields in the VG Konz

Climate change will change the world we live in. It has a variety of effects on nature, society and the economy and is also noticeable in the Konz association of municipalities. The consequences of global warming on viticulture can be positive or negative and vary from region to region.

In a cultivation project within the municipality of Konz, it was investigated whether lavender and other Mediterranean herbs thrive here. Because this could be a good and economical solution for the many fallow areas on the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer.

In this cultivation project, Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, lavender and sage were cultivated on a trial basis between 2012 and 2014 on a total of 5 different fallow areas within the Konz municipality (3 areas in Niedermennig, 1 area each in Oberemmel and Nittel). Now that the project has been completed, the city of Konz is responsible for the further maintenance of the areas until December 31, 2020; this is done once a year ( extensive care ).

Under extensive care is understood in agriculture and green space maintenance as a special type of land use and treatment. While in intensive agriculture the area used is worked on at short intervals (ie fertilized, watered, mowed or cut), such interventions take place much less frequently in extensive farming. Instead, a green space, for example, is left to itself for a relatively long period of time.


The study available here for download (part 1 - page 1 - 37; part 2 - page 38 - 77) shows that the planting of medicinal and aromatic herbs under the local soil and climatic conditions produces good oils and thus a represents an alternative and profitable use for, for example, fallow vineyards.