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Verbandsgemeinde Konz

forest services

Saarburg Forestry Office

The purpose of forestry in Rhineland-Palatinate is to sustainably secure the services of the forest as a producer of the raw material wood, as a protector of the natural basis of life and as a recreational and leisure area for society.

The ultimate goal of state forests is to be able to achieve the highest possible overall social benefit of all forest services - both for today's society and for future generations.

In order to achieve this, qualified employees and flexible organizational structures are required. The strategy is based on clear guidelines and modern management tools.

If you are interested in the forests in the area of the Saarburg-Kell and Konz municipalities, you have come to the right place at the Saarburg forestry office. On the Website of the Saarburg Forestry Office You can get up-to-date information on the topics of forest, wood, environmental education, etc. from the Saarburg Forestry Office.

But you can also get answers to general forest-related questions there.