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Social housing

Social housing

Social housing

The question of affordable housing, especially in the rental sector, has been a task that many municipalities have had to take on for a long time.

Rents have been rising steadily for years - also in the city of Konz. Due to the close proximity to Trier and Luxembourg, high rents have also developed in the city of Konz. In particular, there is a lack of housing for those on lower and middle incomes.

There are various approaches that could be considered for securing and producing apartments in social housing. Therefore, the city council of Konz decided in 2019 to set up a committee for issues of affordable housing/social housing - as a joint subcommittee of the committees for construction, urban development and environmental protection and the committee for generations, sports and social affairs.

On December 3rd, 2019, the city council of Konz passed the resolution that certain projects by private investors that have planning requirements can be subject to the obligation that at least 15% of the apartments and at the same time the living space according to the requirements of "social housing" in Rhineland-Palatinate.

These stipulations and conditions result from the funding programs of the Rhineland-Palatinate infrastructure bank, which are launched every year. You can find these under

In the download area you will find background information on the subject of "social housing".