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The responsible contact persons are the specialist authorities at three levels, starting with the lower monument preservation department, located at the district administration of Trier-Saarburg, through the supervisory and service directorate as the upper monument protection authority, to the supreme monument protection authority, the Ministry for Science, Further Education, Research and Culture. The former State Office for the Preservation of Monuments in Mainz, now General Directorate for Cultural Heritage, serves as the monument authority.

The municipality of Konz and the city of Konz support monument preservation measures with grants and thus contribute to the preservation of the cultural monuments in our area within the scope of their possibilities. The parishes or local parishes are often the owners of the cultural monuments.

Smaller measures are carried out independently by the administration with the involvement of the monument protection authorities. Since 2001, the associated community and the city have had guidelines for the promotion of monument preservation measures (see right).

Monument preservation measures supported so far

Since the year 2000, the following projects have been financially supported by the Konz association of municipalities, individual local communities and the city of Konz:

city conc

Renovation of the larger-than-life figure of Mary in the St. Nicholas cemetery.

the catholic The women's community financed the restoration from their own income, the city of Konz provided support by tending the greenery and obtaining the approval for monument protection.

conc felts2014: Repair of the sandstone cross in Konz-Filzen (outdoor area)
Conc. Niedermennig2013-2014: Repainting of the branch church St. Wendelinus in Niedermennig mainly
in own effort
city conc2013: Renovation of the Canet Santa Claus station
Rochus Chapel NittelRenewal of the roof covering of the Rochus chapel on the Nitteler Berg in 2009
In 2010, the municipality of Konz granted a subsidy of €5,000.
St Willibrord Tawern FellerichInterior renovation of the branch church of St. Willibrord in Tawern-Fellerich
Subsidy from the municipality of Konz in 2010 in the amount of €5,000.
St Martin NittelRenovation of the parish church of St. Martin Nittel
2007/2008 subsidy from the VG 5,000 €
St Peter and Paul TawernRenovation of the parish church of St. Peter and Paul
Subsidy from VG Konz: €5,000
Subsidy from the OG Tawern: €10,000
St. Amandus
Interior renovation of the parish church of St. Amandus Könen in 2005/2006
Subsidy from the city of Konz: €5,000
Subsidy from VG Konz: €5,000
Wiltingen - parish churchRenovation of the wooden floor in the Wiltingen parish church
Subsidy from the local community of Wiltingen €3,640.
Subsidy from the municipality of Konz €3,640
shaft cross
city conc
Restoration of the sandstone shaft cross from 1788 with a Madonna in one
Shell niche on the corner of Wiltingerstr. / Olkstrasse

City of Konz Total costs: €1,800
old church tower
Facade renovation of the old church tower in Tawern

Subsidy from the local community of Tawern 5,000 DM
Subsidy from the Verbandsgemeinde 1,500 DM
Parish Church of St. Aper
water lily
Renovation of the external facade of St. Aper
Wasserliesch rectory of St. Briktius

Subsidy from the local community: €25,560
Subsidy from the Association of Municipalities: €3,650
Lady chapel
city conc
The Marienkapelle in Konz built in 1910
in neo-Gothic style, in 2004 the
Monument plaque of the district of Trier-Saarburg received!
Wayside Chapel
The way chapel in Konz-Krettnach, main street no. 12,
built at the end of the 19th century, received the monument plaque in 2004
of the district of Trier-Saarburg.
monastery wall
city conc
Renovation of the church monastery wall of St. Johann in Konz-Karthaus
Subsidy from the city: €3,000
Subsidy from the municipality of 3,000 euros
Station of the Cross
super cheap
Renovation of the Stations of the Cross in Oberbillig
Subsidy from the Verbandsgemeinde: €244
Station of the Cross
Restoration of the Station of the Cross from the 19th century
Subsidy from the Association of Municipalities 3,660 DM

St. Anthony
Subsidy for the renovation of the parish church of St. Antonius,
Owner: Catholic parish of Pellingen; grant
Association municipality €5,000