Könen - circular hiking trail

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Könen - circular hiking trail

Könen - circular hiking trail

District of Könen "Creation of an inner-city circular hiking trail"

The starting point of the planning was to create a circular hiking trail in Könen for citizens and tourists, which also implements earlier planning approaches from the areas of "safer way to school" and the area of sports fields. Some new paths were created for this - but existing paths were mainly used. With a tree nature trail (7 signs) and 10 benches and 2 tables, the quality of stay for the users has been significantly increased and technical content will be conveyed well - this also creates a connection to the primary school.

Procedure of the measure:

After a policy decision in March 2013 in the city council, the measure was approved by the state in September 2013 (the subsidy is 50% of the costs, up to €47,500). The planning services for the technical trades were commissioned in December 2013. The construction contract was awarded to the Köhler company in September 2014 after a public tender. The signposting of the route and the tree information boards were determined by the administration and the mayor in coordination with the hiking trail manager. Planning and construction management was carried out by the office of MR Ingenieure in Trier.


After approval, the planning was adjusted accordingly to enable a barrier-free design. For example, the crossing point between the new footpath and the primary school on the B 51 was made barrier-free. This improves the quality of barrier-free tourism, since barrier-free offers are increasingly being created.


The new footpath was also equipped with intelligent lights from RWE, which automatically reduce the light output when not in use.